If you are interested in joining the SPEE, please download and fill out the form below.
SPEE Membership Application

Please read this Best Practices document to help guide you with filling out the Application document correctly.

Additionally, you will need to have three current SPEE members fill out sponsorship forms on your behalf. You can download the Sponsor Form and forward it your sponsors.

If you are an “Associate Member” you can fill in the application below for a change of status to “Member“.
Status Change Form

Here are some additional documents relating to the SPEE Code of Ethics and Acceptable Practices.

SPEE Member Feedback Requested

The SPEE Calgary Chapter By-Laws Article 8 states that “The Society may undertake activities… including planning, hosting, and sponsoring of conferences, education, scholarships and government and industry liaising, all of which shall be for the betterment of oil and gas reserves and resources evaluation and reporting.”

We are looking for feedback from our members.

Please go to the feedback form here to complete and submit it with your responses.

We would appreciate your thoughts and suggestions on this matter.

Thank you,
SPEE Executive


If you need any further clarification regarding SPEE membership, you can contact Claudio, our membership coordinator:

Claudio Virues, P.Eng. M.Eng.
Phone: 403-970-8705
Email Claudio