The Society of Petroleum Evaluation Engineers (SPEE) was formed in 1962 to answer a longstanding need for a professional organization which would bring together, for their mutual benefit, specialists in the evaluation of petroleum and natural gas properties. SPEE continues today to be strongly committed to providing educational and other services to its members and to the oil and gas industry, and to promoting the profession of petroleum evaluation engineering.

The professional activities of SPEE members are guided by by-laws that require the highest ethical standards and that provide for a committee to review grievances filed against members. Principles of acceptable evaluation engineering practice address the relationships of members with the public, with employers, with clients, with other members, and with SPEE.

Local chapters meet in Austin, Calgary, Central California, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Midland, Oklahoma City, and Tulsa. SPEE (Calgary) meets monthly, except during the summer months. A schedule of upcoming meetings and topics is available on the MEETINGS & EVENTS page.

The Calgary Chapter of the Society of Petroleum Evaluation Engineers (SPEE) and industry professionals have co-authored the Canadian Oil and Gas Evaluation Handbook (COGEH) which provides a set of standards and guidelines for the preparation of oil and gas reserves evaluation in Canada. These guidelines are available on the COGE HANDBOOK PURCHASE page.

Additional details, history and membership requirements of SPEE can be found on the SPEE WEBSITE. If you would like more information on SPEE (Calgary) please contact one of the members of the executive or the membership coordinator.


You can read the By-Laws that govern our Society and Members.

SPEE Grievance Procedure

SPEE’s By-Laws allow for the preparation of a separate Grievance Procedure document, which contains detailed guidelines for SPEE’s grievance process.