The subject of allocating SPEE Calgary Chapter funds for education purposes was recently discussed during our business meeting of January 21, 2020.

The SPEE Calgary Chapter By-Laws Article 8 states that “The Society may undertake activities… including planning, hosting, and sponsoring of conferences, education, scholarships and government and industry liaising, all of which shall be for the betterment of oil and gas reserves and resources evaluation and reporting.”

SPEE Calgary Chapter has a healthy $100M bank inventory. This figure has been fairly constant over the last several years. There are funds available to provide financial support to acceptable functions or recipients. A contingency fund must be maintained in our bank account, but this holdback amount is difficult to determine.

Several specific funding targets have been suggested which I believe fit our By Law objectives:

  • Calgary Science Fair
  • University of Calgary Petroleum and Energy Society
  • Robert Odd Memorial Bursary (University of Calgary) – top up the existing $52,000 base.
  • School age students – provide oil and gas industry education

We are looking for feedback from our members as to:

  1. What minimum bank cash should we maintain?
  2. What amount of funding should we provide?
  3. How often should we donate funds? (annually? whenever we have a surplus? when the need arises?)
  4. How do we determine the recipient(s)? How should we structure the recipient selection process?

Please complete and submit the form below with your responses.

We would appreciate your thoughts and suggestions on this matter.

Thank you,

SPEE Executive

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