The Canadian Oil and Gas Evaluation Handbook (COGEH) currently consists of three volumes that provide a set of standards and guidelines for the preparation of oil and gas reserve evaluations in Canada. The Handbooks have been co-authored by the Society of Petroleum Evaluation Engineers (Calgary) and the SPE Canada (formerly the Petroleum Society of CIM).

Volume 1, Second Edition: Reserves Definitions and Evaluation Practices and Procedures
(first published in December 2007) includes a discussion of evaluator qualifications, business practices, definitions of resources and reserves, evaluation procedures, time value of money and profitability indicators, uncertainty, contents of evaluation reports, auditing oil and gas reserves and financial analysis and benchmarking practices.

Volume 2: Detailed Guidelines for Estimation and Classification of Oil and Gas Resources and Reserves
(first published in November 2005) includes guidelines and examples of recommended procedures for estimating oil and gas resources and reserves for a variety of situations.  The intent of Volume 2 is to provide guidance to experienced evaluators on a wide array of reserves estimation scenarios requiring specific considerations or evaluation methodologies. The guidance will also form a basis for estimating and classifying resources and reserves in more complex situations.

New: Guidelines for the evaluations of Resources Other Than Reserves (ROTR) has been added to the Canadian Oil and Gas Evaluation Handbook (COGEH) as Section 2 of Volume 2.

Volume 3: CBM Reserves and Resources/International Properties/Bitumen and SAGD Reserves Resources
(first published in September 2007) includes the evaluation of Coal Bed Methane (CBM) consistent with the definitions provided in “COGEH” Volumes 1 and 2, the reporting of reserves for international properties and detailed guidelines for the evaluation of bitumen and steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) reserves and resources. The CBM portion addresses the estimation of the gas volumes existing in, and recoverable from, coal. The section on international properties highlights the differences between evaluating reserves in North America and in various international jurisdictions.

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